Chad Shuts Borders, Airpots, Despite No Record of COVID-19

The government of Chad has decided to close its airports to all flights for two weeks over fears of Coronavirus spreading despite no record of any case.

The decision was made on Monday with the north-central African country’s government disclosing in a statement that the measure will start at midnight on Thursday.

It was also noted in the statement that the ban does not apply to planes transporting goods.

The government also said it would “strictly limit movement outside refugee camps,” which is home to 465,000 refugees.

South Africa, Morocco, Somalia, Senegal, Togo, Madagascar, among other African countries have taken action to restrict flights, among other measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

This is contrary to what is happening in Nigeria where three confirmed coronavirus cases have been recorded.

Despite the spread of the disease to more countries, the federal government said last week that it would not impose travel restrictions on any country over coronavirus.

But the senate had asked the federal government to consider banning non-Nigerian travellers from countries with high risk of COVID-19.

A recent suspected case in Enugu State, the eastern part of the country, tested negative.

SOURCE: Lailas News TV/Ghana


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