Quick notice to Foso College of Education students

I have read a couple of concerns on various platforms all advocating that the Foso College of Education SRC should speak to the adminstration to extend the resumption date.

Like we do always, it would have been done already if such plea can be addressed at the SRC level.

The executives of the SRC has however enquired from TTAG the way forward to this plea across all colleges.

In a chat with the TTAG national secretary this afternoon, he disclosed that the leadership of TTAG is seriously contemplating as the situation keeps worsening everyday. He expressed their intentions on meeting PRINCOF as soon as possible too.

We all hope for a positive turn out. Not withstanding, we are to resume to campus tomorrow 16th of March, 2020. Let’s all practice the preventive measures and stay safe and alive for FOSCO, TTAG and Ghana at large.

I wish you a safe arrival as you journey back to school.

Thank you ✨

Romel Owusu Baffour
SRC President, Foso College of Education

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