Eugene T.K Bashiru

PNC Gov’t will correct all malpractice of vote buy by NDC and NPP – Eugene T.K Bashiru

A member of the People’s National Convention (PNC) and former parliamentary candidate for chereponi constituency, Hon. Eugene T.K Bashiru, says the PNC if voted into power, will correct all malpractice of vote buy by NDC and NPP.

He said both parties know the law but have decide to turn a ‘blind eyes’ to it and still allow vote-buying in various elections which the nation is ‘bleeding’ for.

He added that, instead of electing people who are competent enough to govern these country or to occupy democratic positions, they now elect people who are able to pay much money.

According to the in-coming general secretary of the People’s National Convention, when PNC is voted into power, they will make sure the laws that prohibit vote-buying will be enforced very well.

“Over the years politics has become part of corruption practice people pay before voting or sell their vote all deeply in the politics of NPP today led by the Akufo-Addo government officials which is too bad to the development of Ghana our motherland. PNC government will correct all this malpractice,” he said.

By Oheneba Kwabena Yeboah / / SOKY TV / Ghana


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