• May 25, 2022 1:32 pm

Bus branding saga no issue; I will win Volta NDC 65%- Dzifa Attivor

The Transport Minister under whose tenure 116 buses were rebranded at an inflated price of ¢3.6 million, Mrs. Dzifa Attivor said the bus branding saga is no issue at all in her quest to become the Volta Region Chair of the National Democratic Congress.

On the contrary, Dzifa Attivor is predicting 65% landslide victory in next week’s election which will see her lock horns with the incumbent Mr John Gyapon Kudjo.

Speaking to Joy News’ Evans Mensah, the former Minister said her contender is using the bus branding saga as part of his negative campaign but she is not the least bothered.

“The bus branding is the minutest part of the campaign… It is not an issue” she said, trumpeting her credentials as a “crowd puller.”

She has however thrown a challenge to anyone who has any report anywhere implicating her of any wrongdoing in the bus branding saga to make it available.

Dzifa Attivor resigned in December 2015 after the bus branding scandal hit a crescendo.

Her ministry spent almost a million dollars in branding some 116 buses having taken the amount from the Petroleum Revenue. By law, the petroleum revenue was only expected to be used for development projects.

Interestingly, even though an amount of ¢3.6million was said to have been expended in branding the buses, Crystal Concept, the company which did the actual rebranding of the entire 116 buses, said it was paid a paltry amount of GHC11,600 for the entire job and not GHC3.6 million.

The scandal that broke forced the Minister to resign after which an investigation was done. The Attorney General’s Department at the time found that the amount of money for the rebranding was inflated but did not prosecute anyone.

During the 2016 elections, Madam Attivor had suggested that if the NPP won power people like her would be thrown into jail.

Almost two years after winning power, no member of the NDC government has been found guilty of any crime, even though some officials are being prosecuted.

Source: Myjoyonline 

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