December 9, 2022

Former Gender and Social Protection minister, Mrs Otiko Djaba has got the backing of firebrand New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP Ken Ohene Agyapong following her decision to quit politics.

The outspoken MP said he appreciates Otiko Djaba for choosing to spend time with her family than take up the President’s offer of a new position.

President Nana Akufo-Addo after reshuffling some members of his government for the first time, appointed Otiko Djaba as Ghana’s Ambassador for Italy.

But the former minister has announced she would rather spend time taking care of her ex-husband who has been down with a stroke.

Gathering his reaction to the surprise announcement, the Assin Central MP who has a stated disinterest in taking a government job said “taking a rest from politics” is understandable.

The NPP MP said Ghanaians are too afraid to quit or resign from a position. He said it’s her prerogative to say “enough is enough” and revealed he has been contemplating quitting politics too.

“I want to leave and go and enjoy my retirement at age 60 but my people don’t seem to understand”, Agyapong said.


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