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BySamuel Yeboah

Apr 13, 2021

When you have bad leadership that’s when poverty, human resources, and natural resources elude a country like ours.
When greed, tribalism, ethnocracy, and nepotism are being practiced by a ruling government, no matter how hard or rich this country maybe we’ll have no future.

Ghana’s status being once a Middle-income country and a gateway to Africa
Leaders who had Ghana at heart have been destroyed by other visionless leaders all in their quest for power.
Most of our forefathers of independents have our nation at heart and if they were given the opportunity to execute their agenda and visions, Ghana would have been the most developed nation in the sub-Sahara region.

The western powers always benefit from us burrowing to fund every single project or budget in our country; hence they do everything possible to support any government who gives our raw materials cheap for peanuts, Whiles citizens are in dilemma.

The western powers enjoy using Ghanaians to destroy our own. As the saying goes we are our own enemies.
They can never get access to divide and cheat us until they use our Ghanaian leaders. Who are full of greed, ethnicity, nepotism, and hatred as the only way to settle old scores.

When shall we wake up from this slumber?
When shall this dream end?
The country is sinking very fast and the level of greediness in this country is at its peak and undebatable lawlessness.

Hon Hadji Mustapahar…. ✍?

I am a citizen, not a spectator
I shall return

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