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BySamuel Yeboah

Mar 5, 2021

Ghana’s democracy finally in the I C U while our motto has changed from “freedom and Justice ” to captivity and injustice.
Can Freedom of Speech be curtailed by the Judicial Service?

If yes, then we need to change this part of the national anthem??

( Bold to defend forever,

The cause of Freedom and of Right.
Fill our hearts with true humility
Make us cherish, fearless, honesty,
And help us to resist the oppressor’s rule
With all our will and might forevermore)

THE MEDIA is in silence, they have allowed money and goodies to silence them.

The role of the Judìciary and the Media in a democracy is being stress-tested in the reportage of the controversial ELECTION PETITION hearing ahead of The Verdict.
I am a Ghanaian and history can only be repeated but can’t be rewritten.
You can try to delete, burn or throw history away but you can’t delete or remove it from our memories.
We will rewrite them back with time in perfect harmony.
Part of common sense has been drawn into an unknown wilderness. democracy now turning moral wrong into civil rights.
I know perfection is impossible but trying is perfect.
Freedom + justice = peace
And peace + freedom = democracy.
If there is no justice there will never be peace and I fear for what lay ahead of my motherland in the 2024 elections.

Those who are calling for peace and not calling for justice may God forgive them with their hipocracy.
Remember you may have your way today but have sowed a seed of discomfort for this nation and those leaders will be remembered as such. I am not a prophet of doom but we are sitting on irrupted volcano waiting to explode.
Some day by crook or hook the seed you sowed today will grow to a tree of mess.
Power forever remain to the people.


Hon Hadji Mustaphar….. ✍?

I shall return.

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