April 15, 2021


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There is a wise saying," You can't beat a child and refuse him from crying."The right to demonstrate: The path on which we are threading......
Hon Hadji Mustaphar

Hon Hadji Mustaphar

There is a wise saying,” You can’t beat a child and refuse him from crying.”
The right to demonstrate :
The path on which we are threading is a very dangerous one for our young and fragile democracy which has already been dented by the government as we have lost our place or stance in the world of democracies.

I pathetically and regrettably feel ashamed to even hear some people talk about democracy in this country.

Issues of demonstration are fundamental human right for which the police can’t stop the demonstration with ex- party injunctions.

It constitutes a gross breach of natural justice as they cannot debar the NDC from the exercise of these fundamental human rights as stipulated in the Constitution of this country.

Tendency to compromise is tantamount to or a recipe for mediocrity.
Rule of law has been transmogrified into Rule of Dictatorship.

Sadly, Ghana is becoming a banana Republic with two sets of laws 1 for the rulling party and one for the opposition.

Presidential elections had wrongfully been declared in favour of the rulling gorvenment.

The opposition NDC evidently won Techiman South but it has been unlawfully declared for the rulling government.

The opposition NDC do same in Sefwi Wiawso but it has been forcefully declared for rulling gorvenment once again.

SALL people were denied the right of representation and the court sees nothing with that.

You have been banned from protesting over these injustices as
one of the opposition NDC seats been forcibly taken away using the corrupted Judiciary machinations to allow them the majority in Parliament to enable them to elect a speaker of their choice.

Hmmmmm tomorrow is indeed pregnant as all that you sew today you shall be reaped someday in just a matter of time.

Bend the rules and you end up burning your future generations.
You can bend the laws of man to favor your paymasters,
but can’t do the same against the laws of nature.
Adwoa Safo and KT Hammond have also be judged by the laws of the Almighty Supreme Being as he has already decided!


Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍🏽

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