March 3, 2021


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Comrades and fellow Ghanaians, let's quickly quote from the speech of our current President before he won the 2016 elections.


Comrades and fellow Ghanaians, let’s quickly quote from the speech of our current President before he won the 2016 elections.

” Mr president, if you can look a little closer behind the vernier, just a little behind your immediate circle of family and friends you will see the agony of Ghanaians.

IF you look a little closer even in the ranks and file of your own party, you will recognize that this is indeed an economy in crises.

Yes, there   are few people who prosper in your government and largest members of your family and friends.

The Ghana in the past 4 years was certainly nothing like the current Ghana population Ghanaians aspire to, we want the Ghana where political activities are conducted with civility and honour and not thinking of rigging an elections as an option ” end of quote.

So did our current President really said this and did he meant what he said or he just read what he was given to read in public without him personally going through before he read it.

Mr president, You have disappointed Ghanaians big time. You have a government full of family, friends, girl friends and baby mama’s.You promised saving the public purse but you have rather increased the public purse with nothing to show.

We are sitting on money but we are suffering your favorite quote. my question is what happened  to the money since you took charge? Our debts keep increasing but we can only boast of KVIPs. 

We are indeed in serious crises as a country, insecurity and lawlessness have taken the center stage in your government.

The creation of non constitutional portfolios just to dash the hard earned tax payers money out to families and friends. Which Serious president will do this Appointments?

(1) Minister of Agriculture
(2)Deputy minister in charge of Crops 
(3)Deputy minister in charge of horticulture 
(4)Deputy minister in charge of Food 
(5)Deputy minister in charge of Fisheries 
(6)Deputy minister in charge of Livestock 
(7)Deputy minister in charge of Vegetables 
(8)Deputy minister in charge of Fertiliser 
(9)Minister Of State in charge of Agriculture

I am disappointed as a Ghanaian and I will remain disappointed until you are out of power where your deeds will be measured with accountability.As for those of you who are in government today and think you are untouchable, I pity you and just remembering you that you will have an equal dose of what you did to others.

KAMA is indeed a bitch, you will rip what you sow. 

Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍🏽
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