Charles Bissue $ Duker


Apart from corruption, the New Patriotic Party has proven again to be the leader in violence and lawlessness.

The party of vampires and Dracula, they have started their rehearsals by biting themselves before the general elections.

The Regional Secretary for Western Region of the ruling new patriotic party, “Mr. Dracula Charles Bissue” has allegedly inflicted multiple wounds on the hand of the Member of Parliament for Tarkwa-Nsuem Constituency in the Western Region by biting him with his sharp Razer teeth.

Mr. Charles Bissue

The NPP Regional executives were meeting with all the party’s Parliamentary Candidates in the Region at Kingston Hotel in Takoradi when the incident happened.

A misunderstanding between the MP and the Regional party executive, And later in the raging confusion grabbed the MP’s hand and gave him multiple bites which left him bleeding.

The MP has also promised to bite off  Mr. Charles Bissue’s ears in revenge.
MP George Mireku Duker and Charles have not been in good terms because the latter is supporting an independent candidate against the incumbent.

 Hon. George Mireku Duker confirmed the incident and said he has visited the hospital for treatment but declined to give further details.
After the barbaric act, Mr. Dracula Charles Bissue, nicodemusly vanish from the scene.

There is a saying that when a dog bites another Dog it’s no case or news, But we the NDC are Interested in this particular case because we must find a way to stop the Dracula from attacking our members in the upcoming December 7 General elections.

Hon Hadji Mustapahar ✍🏽

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