In all sincerity I am very proud to be associated with the NDC party.

Yesterday was like I have won a jackpot, the positive policies and hope from the voice of the nation builder made me so proud as a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Indeed we have the men.

The difference is clear, the ruling party went and outdoored their manifesto and all we could hear was MAHAMA, MAHAMA, MAHAMA.

But when NDC outdoored ours yesterday and it was crystal clear to understand and above all people were oriented and driven.

The entire government communication machinery is in a state of a shock and disarray.

I can feel the breeze of change and hope in the country now.my dear party member, Those who have ears should listen, we must guard and protect the ballot boxes with our lives that’s what is left to attain victory.

The sweet and credible and extraordinary promises in Mahama’s Manifesto came as shock to them, so they start organizing Press conference’s against it.

They are extremely shocked to see such a sweet and well organized Manifesto. With this Manifesto NPP has nothing to say, They are extremely shocked and confused.

If they want, they can continue or stop wasting time of journalist and the Good people of Ghana.

Victory is coming:something is happening for the great NDC! Maybe it is a mere coincidence or God is indirectly showing us a sign of victory. I have noticed something;

1. Prof Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang was name running mate on 6th July,2020. That was a Monday. 

2. The running mate was outdoored on 27th July 2020, that was also a Monday.

3. The NDC manifesto was launched on 7th September 2020, a Monday

4. The 2020 general election would be held on 7th December 2020, that one too a Monday

5. Both JDM and JNOA are November born.

Could this be mere coincidence? Certainly not! It’s a well-calculated Divine plan to rescue Ghana back to JM and the NDC.
The Messiah of our time has been ordained and there is no turning back, the rescue mission ACTIVATED.

Hon Hadji Mustaphar 




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