April 14, 2021


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In the land of the myth Once again I come with my words of wisdom. This is an era of critical thinkers not stomach thinkers.
Hon Hadji Mustaphar

Hon Hadji Mustaphar

In the land of the myth Once again I come with my words of wisdom. 

This is an era of critical thinkers not stomach thinkers. 

The era of Running mates not lying mates. 

I love my country and I have to speak to power.

 Today I speak to my brothers and sisters in the security services, How on earth will security personnel allow himself to be used by a politician whose job or position is temporal. 

As a security officer, your job is more secure than the politician who needs the people to confirm him for another term before he or she can be guaranteed another term in office.

The longest one could serve is 8years and you can never be in power for ever.

Security personnel can be in office for about 25years before he or she goes for retirement. 

But why sell off your retirement benefits for peanuts. 

Using the security services for election violence is becoming like a drug abuse under this current regime. 

Let’s all desist from election violence whether a civilian or security personnel, If those perpetuating these acts are not security personnel but are using the uniforms to do evil then, I edge the police  administration and the head of all security services to act now.

My brother, you want to defend somebody with your life while he/ she can’t even defend your right in parliament, then what’s the essence of you defending and fighting for that person? 

Fighting and killing people all because of electoral gains, you need to gain sense first because you will do the answering alone when the time comes. 

I edge my ZONGO youths to carry their voter’s ID cards to go out there and vote for their preferred candidate than to carry arms to do the bidding for a particular politician. 

Instead of the government giving you jobs, they gave you guns, Instead of them employing you they deployed you to kill but before you continue to take a minute and find the head of this piece of the epistle from the holy bible read carefully the understanding will follow. 

My ZONGO youths, enough is enough, your destiny and future can’t be exchanged with bags of rice and chicken change, Your life is worth more than that. 

The problem here in Africa is those with the ideas don’t have power and those who have power don’t have ideas.  

The day of judgment shall come whatever atrocities you commit today you will face the law tomorrow.

For the sake of tomorrow know how you treat people around you today. 
I rest my case

Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍🏽

A proud member of the NDC national ZONGO caucus working committee

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