Hon Hadji Mustaphar


You are reaping what you sow, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo.
Some of you seem surprised about the conduct of the unruly SHS students.

I am surprised you are surprised.

Why should you be surprised when they became a subject of our dirty politics?

Why should you be surprised when they’ve became known as ‘Akufo Addo’ graduates.

Why should you be surprised when their parents were prevented from seeing them whereas ‘special arrangements’ were made for NPP party apparatchiks to ‘visit’ them bearing gifts

Why should you be surprised when government purchased ‘PASCO’ for them

Why should you be surprised when government made it look like they were subjects of a special experiment (guinea pigs) for WASSCE

There is a legitimate expectation on their part that government would provide ‘ways and means’.

When you feel as part of someone’s life and they ‘jilt’ or disappoint you last minute, you become desperate and unruly even.

The hypocrisy in this country is nauseating. The polarization agenda also means that some people will see nothing wrong with some of these despicable happenings simply because it’s always party before country.

Don’t get me wrong. FSHS is brilliant! There was however no need for the political profiteering from it.

As it stands, these young ones feel betrayed. They thought government was going to ‘see them through’ to the very end. Unfortunately, government does not and cannot help students to pass their exams.

Those of you who attended school in the 90’s will bear witness that till date, you still fear some of your teachers several years after you have left school.

The mere mention of their names will invoke discipline and that is what is lacking in our schools today.

The truth about chickens is that they always come home to roost!..

And always remember the end will justify the means.

Hon Hadji Mustapahar ✍🏽

I shall return

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