Hadji Mustaphar & Finance-Minister-Ken-Ofori-Atta


How can we see what is not there, Ghanaians are not seeing or witnessing your massive infrastructure but you keep taunting with your government IT has become so conspicuous that our leaders are nothing but actors in the hands of scriptwriters.

Whiles, we are still busy watching the 5th series of Assassins creed acted by Hawa Kasoa Rambo, then the finance minister Ken Ofori Atta came up with his own epic series titled spiritual feeding, it was not the number of people they fed was the problem but when Ghanaians heard of the amount of money used to feed just a few number of people, Ghanaians termed it spiritual feeding.

The amount shocked the entire Ghanaian citizens, Mr president you should know better that Ghanaians are far awake now.

We now need active leadership because the drama we have been watching these few years from your appointees are enough, Ghanaians can’t watch again.

Instead of your government to be active stabilizing the economy of the nation, they are busy in saving monies for their families, friends and their unborn generation alone.

My fellow Ghanaians, what the NPP is doing with the taxpayer’s money is it God’s will?

Do you know that there was no city in Ghana that can remember they were fed for the said 21days lockdown?

But the finance minister was busily developing skills addressing parliament to structure the pockets of family and friends.

If corruption was a competition the finance minister and his government would have won the trophy.

May the blood of every innocent Ghanaian who died out of bad roads, poor health system and hunger judge all the evil leaders of this country.

Our country is in recession and economic meltdown our current government is busily spending billions fighting coronavirus that has no effect in Ghana.

The Minister of health should start rehearsing his comedy skills, for he has a lot of questions to answer.

Why can’t you people be leaders with impeccable qualities setting good examples for the youth.

Please I want to tell our lawmakers to start preparations in anticipation of 2024 budget and should be passed now because we are still in 2020 but have achieved nothing out of the 2020 budget and the government have not yet told the good people of this country what did with all the monies they borrowed for the unborn generation to come and payback.

Ghana is becoming a joke, some leaders have become comedians and power-drunk vampires.

We the citizens have become their prey to satisfy their taste

I pray for Ghana and I stand for Ghana

Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍🏽


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