November 25, 2020


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Once upon a time, there was a time when some leaders of ours went for loans in a hairdressing salon 🤔. Today the opportunity has befallen them to......
Hon Hadji Mustaphar

Hon Hadji Mustaphar

Once upon a time, there was a time when some leaders of ours went for loans in a hairdressing saloons 🤔.

Today the opportunity has befallen them to satisfy their greed and thirst for material things and wealth over the passed few weeks day after day, it’s getting worse and worser.

Let me quickly ask, what at all does the shadow vice president want in life again?

When the youth of a vibrant nation as Ghana decides to vote old men to lead them this are the results.

I heard a whisper from the corridors of power that the brain behind the mess at the port is a very powerful old man who has served in subsequent governments and left bad footprints behind and he is at it again.

Alan Kyerematen, Trade and Industry Minister has confirmed in a news how the UniPass saga is making his government unpuplar but has refused to tell the good people of Ghana Why they have insisted to UniPass and continues to create the mess at our ports.

The concern being raised…….

On a daily bases, the New Patriotic Party (NPP)-led government suffers a growing public condemnation from groups and individuals whose businesses have been affected by the continuous incompetence of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Link/UNIPASS-ICUMS platform that has disrupted trade facilitation and revenue generation.

We should be aware that the proven avenue for revenue loss caused by the new system has been passed on to the general public and causing the hapless taxpayer to bleed more .

The current administration rolled out a well planned media propaganda and face saving machinery to make the new system look good in the eyes of the public, the faults and ineffectiveness are simply impossible to hide and it is now evidence that the individuals in government who publicly pushed for the new system have stabbed them selves and the Nana Addo led government in the back and caused a political injury. Six months to general elections which the results will be suicidal .


The Association of ship owners and Agents of Ghana , few weeks ago , officially wrote to government in protest against the Ghana Link/UNIPASS-ICUMS platform, pointing out the neverending frustrations and disappointment it has brought to the ports.
Now is getting worser than before

I must commend and put on record that the members of importers,, exporters and fright forwarders have offered their maximum cooperation during the transition period to ensure that there would be a workable system by the end of the roll-out of the system.

Unfortunately, things have gone from bad to worse and as at date, they are unable to upload most of our files onto the system. They have therefore had to resort to manual uploading which happens to be a slow and laborious process.

“With regards to the current situation, which has arise through no fault of members , government must not and should not hold members liable for any delay or inconvenience that has been borne by consignees,”

The false and propaganda peddled by government machinery that public claim that ICUMS has generated an amount of GHC177 million in ports revenue within one week, despite its scary underdeclarations and faulty system.

The company’s spokesperson on Monday confirmed on one of TV networks that the said figure of GH¢177 million includes of the country’s refined oil imports and not just port revenues as the public has been deluded to believe.

Sadly , GRA is silent on several reports and complains where agents are in the news both on radio and on television saying that they have been given duty values far less than what they are to actually pay and that they are worried because if they go ahead and pay the duties that have been given to them, they would have cheated the state and aided the Ghana Link/UNIPASS-ICUMS system to cause revenue loss.
I ask as a citizen not a spectator
Who signed that deal?
Why UniPass?
Who has interest?
Who is behind UniPass?
I will unveil and put together all these answers in my next article stay glued
I am watching with 😳

Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍🏽

A proud member of the NDC national ZONGO caucus working committee / SOKY TV / Ghana

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