The evacuations and quarantine too have turn into a business.
Why must one be quarantine in expensive hotels?

Why must they pay for their fares? When our government has taken I million dollars for relief?

We accessed a facility at IMF/World Bank and nobody is telling us how that money is used. Sure anxiety may engulf us as everybody is wondering what is the way forward.

Ghana worth dying for….

There is no vaccine or cure for COVID19 now which means everyone will encounter it in one way or the other.

This is the premise, coupled with the flattening of the curve of infections because there was no need.

The person who may be asked to serve u in quarantine or the first person or thing you may touch after your quarantine could be the one to even infect you. No one is safe until there is a vaccine.

So why should the Government of Ghana be so wicked to its citizens this way?

After several months of paying hotel bills and rents in lockdown in the USA, Ghanaian citizens to be evacuated will have to cough 1350.00 dollars for economy flight ticket and a whooping Ghc 9100.00 for quarantine just to create chop chop for their foot solders

Is it by force for returnees to stay in a 3 or 5-star hotel? The people are stranded, they don’t have money and you are asking them to pay between 9000 and 13000 Ghana Cedis to be quarantined.

Does this not form part of the reasons why you went to the IMF for one billion dollars to fight the corona virus? Or the virus they may bring is not part of the one you want to fight with the IMF money?

Almost everyone in this government is an opportunist.
They even make life more difficult for people who are already facing difficulties.

Ghana is indeed bleeding……
COVID 19 started in China as a virus then to Italy as a pandemic, the states as a disaster, and in Ghana as a business enterprise.

I know prosecutions will follow after a change of government TIME WILL TELL


Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍🏽

A proud member of the NDC national ZONGO caucus working committee / SOKY TV / Ghana


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