Mr father’s inheritance ( Oquaye junior )
Madam do little the slay queen ( Ajua Safo)

And he said, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God ( John 3:3)
Soon the table in Dome Kwabena will turn as long as there is a new dawn of youthful exuberance who read and are more active on our social media
We are ready to overhaul the engine of political and Growth in Dome Kwabenya
Dome Kwabenya has fallen to the NPP since time memorial but nothing positive to show.

Sarah Adwoa Safo

The two politicians are contesting each other in the governing New Patriotic Party’s parliamentary primaries, which was postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but the time has come for the supremacy.

The Ghanaian Publisher recently carried a story with the headline: ‘Oquaye’s son is after my life – Adwoa Safo’.

All is in the fear of stiff competition.
There is no amount of tears will save you from defeat.
I will only advice you to save a dry handkechief for now because you will need it on the 20 June 2020 for cleaning your tears of defeat
Make a choice either you win the NPP primaries and lose the general elections or lose the primaries and save your self the shame and disgrace
The good people of Dome kwabenya are poised and ready to honour Elipklim Akurugu from the NDC who is visionary and great leadership skills a chance to lead them

You have done very little not only for the ordinary people of Dome kwabenya but your own delegates who suffered have been also left out
You only care about the people of your father’s church ( christo Asafo members )
Mean while they are not deligates.
we live to see as things unfold on the 20 of June 2020
Except you are born again you can not see the kingdom of Parliament to represent the good people of Dome kwabenya in 2021

Oquaye Junior
I respect the courage and zeal and your interest to contest the NPP national primaries and
Yes the NPP need leadership change in Dome kwabenya there is no two ways about that
Your presence in the race alone have created alot of panic at the ladies camp which have sent shivers to the spine of the gurus at the party headquarters.
All things being equal you are going to win the primaries but you can’t win the general elections
reason being the abysmal performance of your president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo with the mess you are going to inherit from the incumbent member of Parliament for Dome kwabenya.
We the NDC have also added nsults to your injuries by filling a strong female attractive and down to earth candidate to make matters worse for you

I wish you all well in your up coming primaries and pray for peace on that faithful day
Because Abua biaa bewuaaa wuo prie

Sarah Adwoa Safo welcome to retirement in politics
I shall return

Hon Hadji Mustaphar ✍🏽

A proud member of NDC national ZONGO caucus working committee

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