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Africans must wake up and unite for we are greater than the westerners.
They claim civilization was brought by them to Africa but the first civilized nation in the world was Egypt and is part of Africa.

They said they brought Christianity to Africa but in the book of Genesis chapter 2 verses 13 and Jeremiah 13 verses 23 Ethiopia were mentioned and Ethiopia is in Africa.

Why must we Africans misplaced our priorities and became subjects to the westerners

According to Paleoanthropologist, the most inhabited territory in Africa of about 30.3 million kilometers square including the adjacent island
I have never wondered that the animal kingdom is in Africa

I Hon Hadji Mustaphar an upcoming politician from Ghana add my voice to the call on all African people to unite.

We possess what other continents do not possess.
The rich culture and traditional norms, all types of mineral resources needed to make the world what it is today are all from Africa.
We can achieve our goals only if we act as one people with a common destiny

I am a proud Ghanaian and wherever you are reading from, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, Morroco, Algeria Senegal, Ethiopia, or Mali just to mention a few.

I want you people to know and recognize Our fellow black people as our brothers and sisters
Africa must rule the world
But can only do that when we unite

Long live Africa

Long live Osagyfo

Long live Ghana


Hon Hadji mustaphar ✍🏽

A Proud member of the NDC national ZONGO caucus working committee

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