They are milking and siphoning the nation dry
They lied their way to power, and stole the 2016 elections …….

They are stealing anything they lay their hands on, and
Ghana is bleeding from these daylight vampires
Every single monetary issue in this country is a scam.

Those who are to make the public aware of the current happenings, too have sold their conscience, and are busy milking the state dry.

My dear nation will soon be left with nothing for the future youths
Leadership only care about how to enrich them selves and how to win the next elections
For the poor and the weak have been left to their faith with no hope for survival.

And to add salt to our badly bleeding nose, Nana Addo’s block-headed communicators under the direction of his “Egyawu” cousin, always jump at every given opportunity to amplify his lies to bamboozle vulnerable Ghanaians.

In fact, we have come to know Nana Addo too well, who after being president for three and a half years is yet to turn Ghana into a First Class Country in 18 months. Yes, he did promise emphatically that under his watch, he will turn Ghana into a utopia state.

Many areas in the country were promised free water supply by Nana Addo but, have their taps not flowing. Very similar to an infamous quote “You see Canaan just ahead of you, but you’ll not set foot on that Promised Land” You’re not to pay for water for the next three months but the waters from your tap will just not flow.

Kwaku Addo did not stop with free water but also pulled a fast one on Ghanaians concerning Electricity. Since his announcement many areas in Ghana have are undergoing serious electricity load shedding. I mean serious load shedding!

But Akufo-Addo’s evil-minded, empty communicators are still clapping for him. Clapping for a 76 year old man who has not offered any meaningful thing in his life, except to surround himself with yes-men who lie about his ill competences and credentials all the time.

I am hearing that our taps will start flowing normal at the end of June, (when Nana Addo’s free water supply period ends) whilst the erratic power supply will also cease around the same time.

So do you now see the tricks of Kwaku Ananse in the president of the Republic of Ghana? He did promise free water supply to Ghanaians for three month but due to his dubious machinations most people have been shortchanged.

A proud member of the NDC national ZONGO coucus working committee.

Hon Hadji mustapahar ✍🏽writes / / SOKY TV / Ghana



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