Mr. President did you just
update us on your
Flowery campaign promises, a manifesto, or COVID 19 pandemic.

I’m sad as a Ghanaian, as I listened to my president’s speech on Covid-19.
He only took advantage of the unfortunate circumstance at hand to rather address and highlight on his campaign promises.

I can boldly tell you Mr president the national health insurance is dead who ever is misinforming you is doing you a great disservice.

My question is when did investments in hospitals become the priority of your government?
Mr president were are the 350 secondary schools before promising us 88 district hospitals 😲
What did you do to the 1.2 billion hospitals at various stages of completion your predecessor left which you have deliberately refused to complete them.
Suddenly Akufo Addo says he will build 88 hospital. From what budget?
You refused to commission completed hospitals by JM, Failed to complete hospitals under various stages of completion and you want us to believe you now!

Ghanaians are more descending than you think, you can not fool us again.

Let me borrow this words from legendry Bob Nesta Marley
“You can fool the people sometimes but you can’t fool them all the time”.

We Ghanaians are fast awake now, no more audio visuals promises.

We want to see reality as JDM has proven to be unbeatable.
Stop these promises, because we now know all are lies.

A proud member of the national ZONGO caucus working committee

Hon Hadji Mustapahar ✍🏽I / SOKY TV / Ghana


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