Criticise with facts and not speculation and Equalisation ~ Sekyere Salisu tells Vim Lady

No one is against subjecting the works of the Government to critical scrutiny. It is part of the mandate of the media.

But while you are at it, ensure that you are as constructive as you can. You don’t just criticize a regime today because you criticized another one yesterday. The basis for your criticism must be justifiable enough.

I see, sometimes, that some of these criticisms as strenuous attempts at equalization when there are no cogent reasons for same.

Let me come to the matter in issue. The virtual concert which heralded the launch of the COVID-19 Tracker app cost the nation nothing. The artists who were lined up to perform have all stated that they did not charge for the show.

The Ministry of Communications under the able leadership of Ursula Owusu has emphasized that no monies were expended on the show.

As a media person, you don’t just jump out to throw allegations without evidence. If you have facts to counter what the artists and the Minister have said, you publicize same but not to loudly sing songs which have no substance.

I am against heaping attacks on the media but when it comes to critiquing the work they do, we also have every right to subject their works to scrutiny. / SOKY TV / Ghana


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