April 14, 2021


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Visionary John Dramani Mahama: The Real Hero In The Fight Against Covid19? Adenta Youth Asks

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Nation building is succinctly described as making concerted efforts directed at realising a resilient nation that guarantees a healthy democracy

Nation building is succinctly described as making concerted efforts directed at realising a resilient nation that guarantees a healthy democracy, social well being and economic opportunities for the people. Most certainly, the importance and role of social infrastructure in nation building cannot be overemphasized.

A distinguishing tenet that ensures a self reliant country in all sectors of endeavor is visionary and productive leadership that is committed and sensitive to the collective interest and aspirations of the people and His Excellency the Former President has been nothing short of the afore specified attributes.

This has been hugely manifested by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana. With no scintilla of motive to discredit Government’s efforts, it has been the projects and programs of John Dramani Mahama that has played very integral roles in combating the lethal virus.

Expounding relevant evidences that supports this assertion, the Former President invested a significant amount of $2bn in enhancing health care infrastructure and quality care delivery system in which the under listed infrastructures were provided;

◼️Two teaching hospitals.
◼️Three Institutional hospitals.
◼️Four regional hospital.
◼️ Fourteen District hospitals.
◼️Twelve Polyclinics.
◼️Hundreds of CHPS compounds across the breath of the country.

Prominent amongst them are the Ridge hospital, University of Ghana Medical Center and Bank of Ghana hospital that continue to play pivotal roles in salvaging the situation. It may be accurate that we do not eat hospitals, but without good health and quality health care system, we are as good as dead.

Furthermore, the Former President expedited efforts and made great strides in expanding water infrastructure, ensuring that water flows consistently in as many house holds as possible in which the under listed infrastructures were provided;

◼️Teshie-Nungua Desalination Water Project.
◼️Kpong Water Supply Expansion Project Phase 1.
◼️Kpong Intake Rehabilitation Project
◼️Accra-Tema Metropolitan Area Water Supply Project.
◼️Adenta Water Supply Project.

Not a single stride has been made by the current administration to expand water accessibility in households and so we must laud the Former President’ enviable efforts even before we go on to praise Government for granting reliefs on water.

Again, H.E John Dramani Mahama’s erstwhile administration made efforts in accomplishing flexibility of Intercity transports not only by constructing a considerable number of road but by executing the under listed projects;

◼️ Implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) project.
◼️ Acquisition of a total 495 buses to strengthen the operations of Metro Mass Transit and the Intercity STC of which both are public transport companies.

These are the same vehicles that shall provide free transit services to our frontline health workers leading the fight against COVID19.

Indeed it has been adequately expounded and well established that the Former President was visionary, more so extremely provident. If there is one person Ghanaians must be grateful to, then I am clear in my mind that it should be H.E John Dramani Mahama who’s toils and projects we are living by. He continues to make selfless donations and acting actively to ensure we come out of these excruciating times with our heads high.

Posterity shall eulogise John Dramani Mahama for his contribution towards the development of Mother Ghana.

Bismark Tettey
(Youth Wing P.R.O)
Adentan Constituency

Eric Lomoh
(NDC Youth Organizer)
Adentan Constituency

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