Hon Hadji Mustapahar


My northern brothers and sisters the ball is in our hands. I am saddened, and with a heavy heart as i put up this message Mr President. It’s instructive to inform you that you’ve messed up our country. This is not the Ghana you inherited from visionary John Dramani Mahama, the former President and flagbearer of the great NDC.

The measure of a true leaders , Mr president, is in the improvement of the lives of the ordinary people you’re leading. What improvements have been recorded since you ascended the reign of governance ?

The bare facts on the ground suggest that Ghana has retrogressed under your leadership. Citizens who were on their own, before you became president are crawling and limping today because of your ineptitude.
This is likely to revert to a highly indebtedness stature, even before your tenure in office as President expires.

Apart from your family and party members, how many Ghanaians are comfortable in this current Circumstances?
Because of your cluelessness, the ship of state is heading for crush .
All state institutions are bleeding due to the covid 19 pandemic.

Mr president, are you aware that we have about 120,000 homeless people in the Greater Accra region alone?

Per your directives, we’re to stay home, but i ask, Where are these homeless
going to stay Mr president? Have you put any plan in place for them? Or you don’t regard them as citizens of Ghana. Most of these people are in Accra to do Kayayei (Head poting)

In 2016, you promised to give the Kayayei (head posters) fraternity free accommodation by building hostels for them. Not knowing you were only interested in getting their votes.
It’s been 3¼ years and i believe you’re yet to dig the foundation of one of these hostels. What kind of leader are you Mr president? You should be ashamed for letting the homeless and the poor down in times, and situations like this.

What are we as a nation celebrating at 63 ?

And what are you celebrating at age 76 your deception has wash away all your achievements as a leader in the Country. I beg to say that you would been better off for not being a president.

You have been touted as one of the bold opposition leaders that Ghana has produced, but sadly
all is wash away with lies and deception and indecisive leadership amid corruption.
I feel sorry for this nation but the sought of mess you have created shall be repair with time.
I am a citizen a proud member of the NDC national ZONGO caucus working committee but not a spectator.

Hon. Hadji Mustaphar

NDC stalwarts , Dome Kwabenya Constituency.

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  1. Is this man serious? Mahama ? Our brothers and sisters in the north will once again prove you and your incompetent NDC wrong.

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