Dare to be that agent of change! – Romel Owusu Baffour

In times like these, we are likely to get troubled in virtually all segments of our lives. The happenings in and around our environment may have caused much fear and panic.

Yeah, I understand! The whole globe is at the same feeling. It appears all hope for solutions are off. Scientists, medical practitioners, politicians, kings, businessmen and women, etc. are fed up already.

On the contrary, these are times I believe we teacher trainees are to observe these happenings carefully and learn so much from. The future for our world virtually lies in the hands of the teacher trainee.

Are we going to out there to give out world changing knowledge or just to continue with the norm? The norms are failing. Ask yourself what can I add to the norm that would make the world a better place. This addition may neither be in the syllabus nor the curriculum. It is an addition from “the inside of you.”

Make a decision now to be a teacher trainee with a difference. Start planing on how you would make the world a better place when you get to the classroom. The time is now.

Cheers ✨

Romel Owusu Baffour

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