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COVID 19 LockDown Debate: John Dumelo Adds His Voice

The famous Ghanaian actor and Parliamentary Candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon on the ticket of NDC, Mr John Dumelo has added his voice to the COVID 19 lockdown debate in Ghana.

In the midst of this pandemic disease which has silenced the whole world, putting countries like Italy, Rwanda and others in a total lockdown, there is a huge debate in Ghana about locking the nation down.

Many school of thought including the Ghana Medical Association are calling on the President to put Ghana on lock down.

But the famous actor and “possible member of Parliament” has outlined some recommendations for the government if it locks the nation down.

In a statement released by the Parliamentary Candidate, he suggested a reduce electricity and water tariffs for the period of lock down( if that becomes inevitable)

Read the full statement below

Maybe when there’s a total lockdown, government workers will still be paid at the end of the month.

But what about those who sell on the streets, the shoe shine guy, the woman who sells bread and egg in the evenings at Shiashi, How will they pay bills?

Is there a bailout for them?

It’s going to be tough to hand financial bailouts to small business operators( shoe shine guys, bread and egg sellers etc) because most of them are not hooked to the tax system.

But here is what I suggest.

1. Reduce electricity and water tariffs for the period of lockdown( if that becomes inevitable).

2. Reduce data and call charges across all networks.

3. Possibly reduce fuel prices. All these for the period of the lock down. / SOKY TV 


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