COVID 19: Embrace Yourself for Tougher Days – Collins MahamaBa Writes

Entirely, Government has in the past few days announced measures to mitigate the effect of Covid 19.

Out of the 19 cases reported so far by the Health Ministry as I write, a sizable fraction of them is imported.

One would, therefore, expect that any efforts aimed at curbing these infiltrations will come at our Airports and Borders.

On the 19th of March, Giant Airline, Emirates announced that it will not touch down in Ghana after 20th indefinitely.

As a result many Ghanaians oversees who use their airline cut short their trips in order to catch the next flight to Ghana.

Back in the motherland, the news is raving that one will be quarantined upon arrival.

It is therefore surprising to observe that, after going through immigration formalities yesterday, nothing of that sort happened.

No test was done, no quarantine was advised, it’s only a piece of paper that was given to indicate whether or not one had any of the symptoms associated with Covid’19.

For fear of being interrogated, all the people aboard ticked ‘NO’ to all the queries done.

As a concerned Ghanaian and a critique of improper administrative procedures.

The government must review its measures at the Airport. The current measure in place is Corona-bound.

By: Collins MahamaBa / SOKY TV / Ghana

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