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Residents of Ashalaja in the Ga South municipality of Greater Accra region lives in fear after five (5) innocent people were butchered by land guards over a piece of land.

In a press conference organized by the Chief and elders of the community on Saturday, 16th February, 2019, the gazetted  chief of Ashalaja, Nii Akwanor (iv) said a self acclaimed chief known as Solomon Opanyin is suspected to be the one behind all the actions of the land guards in the community.

According to him, they have had several reports that this self acclaimed chief has over the years led land guards to destroy people’s properties and has endangered the lives of people in the community.   

A victim of the butchering

He added that, three (3) people lost their lives through the attacks made by these self acclaimed chief and his land guards last year.

He cautioned the general public not to transact business with this self acclaimed chief because the elders of the community has not installed anybody by the name Solomon Opanyin as a substantive chief or a sub-chief of the community therefore anyone who transacts business with him does that at his own risk.

He then called on the Police to come to their aid because they are law abiding citizen and will never love to put the laws in their own hands.

In an interview with Soky News’ Mireku Nyampong, some aggrieved residents said they now fear living in that community because they do not know when this land guards will attack them again but they have no where to go.

They pleaded on the government to come to their aid since they have nothing to do now.

By: Mireku Nyampong/ / Ghana


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