Akropong: MTTD Seizes Driver’s License Over an alleged GH¢100.00 Bribe

Sergeant Nyalegbedzi of the Akropong Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service has allegedly apprehended a drivers’ license, belonging to one Daniel Tetteh; a Toyota Fish with registration number GR 1071- 18 driver.

The incident occurred on the Afternoon of Monday, October 1, 2018, at Adukrom Akuapim in the Okere District, Eastern Region; when the said commercial driver had refused Mr Nyalegbedzi the alleged GH¢100.00 bribe.

Reports hold that the MTTD patrol team which was led by Inspector M.D Tetteh were inspecting other vehicles and stopped the driver with passengers onboard from Koforidua to Kpong in the Eastern Region.

It further added that after the police sergeant had stopped the Toyota Fish driver, he ordered for his (the driver) license for inspection, which was dutifully given him.

The Police Officer after checking the license was dissatisfied after going through the driver’s document and not seeing any money inside of the license and questioned Mr Daniel on why giving him (the police officer) the only license.

Drier then tried to give Nyalegbedzi GH¢ 5.00, which was refused by the policeman. Daniel added up making it GH¢15.00 and was still refused by Nyalegbedzi.

The MTTD Officer then took the driver’s license away and questioned the driver on why he didn’t fasten his seat-belt and also why he has a tainted glass on his front side windows.

The driver told the police he didn’t know that the law was against the use of tainted glass on commercial vehicles and begged for a pardon for such an offence.

Sergeant Nyalegbedzi subsequently refused to give back the license to the diver, and rather issued a receipt to him to attend to court on 3rd October 2018 at Akropong Circuit Court; after the driver failed to pay him the alleged GH¢100.00 bribery.

The driver asked that his license is given him back since he has been processed to appear before the Law Court, but he was still denied his drivers’ license.

However, the passengers on the Toyota Fish car who have been delayed by the police-driver issue for close to 30 minutes got enraged over what they referred to as a cheat on the part of some police officers in the area.

The leader of the police inspection team hearing the roar of the angry passengers resorted to educating passengers on why their driver was charged and ordered the driver to move his car.



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