Over One Thousand PPEs ( Nose Masks) Distributed By Pasco Abrantie3 And His Campaign Team.

As part of PASCO ABRANTIE3’s mission to support the New Patriotic Party willingly hence contributing massively for the 2020 general elections Victory, as usual, he and his team visited the funeral grounds of the Chief of Staff of the republic of Ghana late sisters husband.

He was assisted by personnel’s from Greater Accra Regional Organization – GARO team as they played series of NPP tracks supporting the exercise.

The exercise focused on alerting individuals or attendees at the funeral grounds to still stick to the measures put in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic because it still exists though restrictions ain’t tight as earlier.

Large crowd of individuals rushed for the customized Mask as the cheer and screem 4 more 4 Nana being the branded slogans on the mask.

It drawed all eyes towards the exercise leading to almost all media personnel’s around interviewing PASCO ABRANTIE3.

Not withstanding, he and his team made more Distributions on the highways of Lashibi and it’s environs.

PASCO ABRANTIE3 urges citizens to stay safe and vote for The first gentleman of the land His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah AKUFFO Addo endorsing him to continue servicing Ghana for additional four years.

Long Live NPP
Long Live Ghana



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