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Golden Tree Foundation Celebrates International Women’s day in a grand style

As the world celebrates women today, the Golden Tree Foundation decided to celebrate it in a grand style as they organized ‘women of worth’ conference 2020 at Tarkwa.

The conference saw many great women within and outside Tarkwa Nsuam municipality.

In an interview with the press after the conference, Madam Gloria Hasford, CEO of Golden Tree Foundation, said it is now time for women to come out boldly and fight for their right.

According to her, gone are the days when women were seen as weaker vessels and their right always infringed upon but the time has come where women will stand up for their right.

She said many women within the Tarkwa Nsuam municipality can’t speak for their right and has been taking for granted by men.

She advised all women to speak for their right because every nation’s backbone or development can’t be addressed without women.

Finally she advised all parents to educate their female wards because education is the key to success.



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