SP. Fred K. Mensah


Some uninformed officers and CID personal at the Amasaman District Police Command in the Greater Accra region, has pleaded on the government and the authorities of the Ghana Police Service to recognize and promote their district police commander, Superintendent Frederick Kojo Asare Mensah for his tremendous work done in the district. 

Speaking to SOKY NEWS’ Gifty Abban, the officers said their commander, who has only spent a year in the district has firmly fought against land litigation which has resulted in jailing a subchief who strongly engaged in this crime. 

“Over the years, land litigation, ( a situation where people sell a piece of land to about five people) has been a thorn in our flesh but SP Mensah has boldly fought this fight to the end.

His boldness and dedication to the work have resulted in winning this fight.
As a strong law protector, he has been able to prosecute a subchief who strongly engaged in this litigation crime which has resulted in his imprisonment.

Now, his one year stay in the district has brought sanity in the area” they narrated.

“In fact, we have not seen a bold peacemaker like him. When our colleague was assaulted by the civilians at Krokohye a suburb of Amasaman, he boldly led the team to arrests all the suspects and as a peacemaker, he went back to the people with the head of C.I.D,  DSP Mr. Eric Tei Asare to calm down pressure in the community. Due to what he did, for the first time in the district,  the community has not attacked us to free the suspects. In fact, we couldn’t have even gone there to make an arrest” they added.

Suspects in Amsaman Police assault

They further stated that Superintendent Mensah’s one year stay in the Amasaman district has brought unprecedented peace in the district. 

” Selfless people like Superintendent Frederick Kojo Asare Mensah must be recognized by the state and promoted. Therefore we are pleading on the government and authorities to promote Superintendent Frederick Kojo Asare Mensah for such a tremendous work done within one year as the Amasaman district Police commander” they concluded.

By Gifty Abban |Sokynewsgh.com|Ghana


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