Vote For Good People Rather Than Political Party—— Catholic Bishop To Ghanaians

Roman Catholic Bishop of Sunyani Diocese. Most Rev Mathew Akwasi Gyamfi , has appealed to all electorates to vote for good people in their society who are aspiring for various position rather than to vote for party because political parties are not human beings but made up of individual, “if you vote for good people no matter who he is you will get an aggregation of good people at the top to make decisions in parliament, cabinet and the presidency, who loves the country irrespective of their party.”

Most Rev Mathew Akwasi Gyamfi said this on the 17th Liturgical Sunday Mass dated July 26 2020 held on BA Television and monitored by the media ,that In this era politicians are fighting for what we don’t know, there have been gun shots , we have heard some people are loosing their life in different parts of the country because of party colours, not only the politicians , even Chiefs and Kings and other institutions like schools are also into it when choosing their heads or leaders which he described as ‘ unnecessary backbiting’ and that ungodly act must be discouraged.

He assured Ghanaians to accept and appreciate what God gives us for talents and positions are purely God gifted to us . He therefore entreated Ghanaians especially the youths to be spiritually wise and should not permit themselves to be manipulated by any politician for his/her selfish gain because without the youth they cannot commit some of the crimes they committed . And also charge the youth to ask for wisdom that Solomon asked for them to be able to vote wisely.

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Most Rev Mathew Akwasi Gyamfi

Source: Fada Francis
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