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The following day, Bob felt so embarrassed and couldn't step out of the hostel the whole day. He called Ms. Lora and told her about what happened.

The following day, Bob felt so embarrassed and couldn’t step out of the hostel the whole day. He called Ms. Lora and told her about what happened. MS. Lora told him to calm down for his mother is just being protective and careful of his well being. So he should just wait for the semester to end so she will pay for him to be in the hostel room alone.

Bob found that a little convenient and agreed.

Peter heard about the issue and confronted Bob to confirm, Bob did  confirmed and Peter added some words of courage to what Ms. Lora told Bob.

The following semester, Bob’s mother followed him to the campus on the resumption day to know where her son was going to lodge.

She helped her son park the room and arranged all his stuffs before she left.

The following day, Ms. Lora gave Bob money to pay for the room and stay alone. Bob took the money and paid for the room but asked a friend to come stay with him.

The semester was their last but one semester to go. It was quite a busy semester so most students were minding their businesses.

2 months into the semester, Peter fell sick and was admitted at the hospital. For two weeks there was no improvement. Doctor’s report also confirmed Peter was fine so the sickness could be spiritual.

Audrey then took Peter to a prayer camp closer to her village. Peter’s health improved gradually till he finally recovered and went back to campus.

Exactly two weeks later he fell sick again and was sent to the prayer camp again. This time, it took a long while for Peter to recover.

Bob on the other hand met this girl at the basketball court and had feelings for her. The girl also admired Bob’s skillful play in the court so they became close.

Weeks later, Bob proposed and they started dating. The girl (Shallot) loved Bob so much that she needed him all around her everytime.

Shallot’s parents are both living abroad. Shallot had stayed with her grandma all this while in Ghana. Her grandma is a senior Presbyter so she trained Shallot the Christian way.

Shallot grabbed Bob’s attention so much that he hardly paid attention to Ms. Lora anymore.

One day, Shallot and her roomate were robbed before they returned from class. Shallot lost all her vital items including her credit cards, ATM cards and a couple of ID cards. She also lost a cash sum of Gh1500.

Shallot was actually the cause of the robbery because she forgot to lock the door before she left for class.

When she told her parents, they cautioned her and told her to survive the remaining semester with what she has so she will learn her lesson next time.

Shallot became very broke and started depending on Bob for money. Bob then had to pay attention to Ms. Lora to get some money for their up keep. Bob told Shallot that, Ms. Lora is his auntie. So it gave him a little chance to be visiting Ms. Lora. All the money he got from Ms. Lora, he spent with Shallot till the semester ended. Shallot then developed so much love for Bob for how he took good care of her during her hard times.

When school resumed, Bob was accepting monies from Ms. Lora but mostly disappointed her when she needed Bob most.

One Saturday, Ms. Lora called Bob to come over so they go for a program outside town but Bob refused and used what his mother came to do the previous semester to refuse going for the program.  Ms. Lora then asked him to come so that go for their normal weekend hangout. Bob again found an excuse for Ms. Lora and again rejected the offer.

Ms. Lora thought because he is about completing, he is busy so she didn’t want to bother that much.

The following week, Bob requested from Ms. Lora some money to buy some items. Ms. Lora was on a sacred mission so she couldn’t give out money that day. She therefore called her friend to send the money to Bob.

That night, Bob took Shallot out on a date.

At the roadside, Bob and shallot hugged and kissed as they waited for a friend to pick them up.

A car stopped by them for some seconds and moved again. It was Ms. Lora’s friend but Bob didn’t notice.

She informed Ms. Lora the following day about what she saw Bob doing.

Ms. Lora didn’t believe it so her friend made her set Bob up and Bob fell in the trap. She saw Bob with her naked eyes hand in hand with Shallot at a food joint. She called Bob severally on the phone but he looked at the calls and put the phone back into his pocket.

Bob and Shallot walk pass the car in which Ms. Lora was sitting with her friend and actually ignored her calls as they approached the car.

Ms. Lora wanted to alight and talk to Bob but her friend locked the car doors and asked her to calm down and ask him the following morning.

She did exactly so, but Bob denied ever seeing the calls. He said he went to study and returned late so he couldn’t return the calls.

Ms. Lora knew he was telling lies but decided to overlook and again asked him over to her place which he agreed to.

Hours later Bob went to Ms. Lora and was in a haste to leave.

Ms. Lora tried to make him stay a while but Bob couldn’t stand the number of missed calls coming from Shallot so he had to leave, and truly he left.

Ms. Lora started feeling disturbed about Bob’s behavior. She wanted to quit whatever she had with Bob but her friend advised her not to make Bob go free. She whispered something into Ms. Lora’s ears but Ms. Lora refused doing that and said Bob had being good to her but for this girl who has come to steal his attention.

*Written By: Raynolds Agbenyenu*

*(+233246449595)* / SOKY TV / Ghana

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