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The following day, Peter was granted bail and investigations were on going. The police commander threatened the occult group leader that he will resign...

The following day, Peter was granted bail and investigations were on going.

The police commander threatened the occult group leader that he will resign from work and tell the truth about the whereabouts of his daughter if they dare touch her.

The group leader replied him and said his daughter was being prepared for rituals that night since Peter had been released and he still denied knowing the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls.

The police commander investigated about the background of the occult group leader and discovered he had a jnr sister in a vocational school.

The commander quickly organized for the kidnap of the girl that day. Later in the evening, the news reached the occult group leader (Baron) that his junior sister whom he cherished most had been kidnapped. Immediately he heard the news, he suspected The Migos and the police commander. He then called either of them to pose a threat.

Hours later, Baron received a call from a private number.

At the background was the cry of his junior sister   screaming for help.

Baron was very angry but was tamed by the caller and told to remain calm so they strike a deal.

On phone

Unknown Caller: Baron,  you must listen to me or I hung up and you never see your sister again. You have less than 48hrs to release those girls you have kidnapped else I will send you a package this evening.

Baron: You dare not touch my sister!. I swear I’ll skin you alive. She has no hand in this, release her, and come get me. Because I swear with my life that if you dare hurt that girl I’ll fight you with the last drop of my blood.

Unknown Caller: Well,  I’m sorry to tell you that I’m not interested in your empty threats, all I need is the girls released within 48 hours else you will receive a package from me tonight.

(Ends call)

The police further invited the vice chancellor of the University for a few questions.

The vice chancellor was asked why there have been suspects of kidnappers on their campus severally but they have never dismissed any of the suspects.

He further explained that,  the police after their investigations do not furnish their outfit with what they found out, so they also could not take further actions.

Hours later, the grand master of Migos met the grand master of the other occult group(black hats) who had kidnapped the girls.

They had a long discussion and finally decided to work together to get different person’s for the ritual so they can release the girls to stop matters arising since the administration is getting involved and for his sister to also be released in order to also save the police commander who always helps them carry out operations.

The unknown number called again and the grand master of black hats told him to set a location so they can both meet and release the kidnapped girls.

Later in the evening, both parties met at a bush joint to release the girls

They did it very clean and the three girls were blind folded and left in the market square that night.

The girls reported at a nearby police station and news broke the following morning that the kidnapped girls were found.

The girls couldn’t tell anything but the pains they went through since they were blindfolded throughout the kidnap period.

Weeks later, Bob received a text from an unknown number.

It reads…

( I’ll never forgive you for what you have done to me. You’ve got me pregnant and I’ll never make you see my face or that of the unborn child, but note that God will punish you for what you did to me bye.)

Bob was contemplating whom that could be, but after pondering a while, it occurred to him that it could be the sales girl of his sugar mummy.

Bob tried all he could to reach the number but he couldn’t.

He became disturbed and thought the girl will inform her madam about it. He then started trying tricks on Ms. Lora to find out the whereabouts of the girl but Ms. Lora didn’t know her whereabouts.

A week later, Bob’s mother decided to pay her son a surprise visit in school. That faithful Saturday, Bob had a date with his Sugar mummy outside town.

When Bob’s mum got to campus and went to his hostel, she sent for someone to call Bob for her. The student she asked was a 1st year student who helped Bob with some stuffs out of the hostel when he was leaving. So she was informed that Bob does not stay in the hostel anymore. She did ask of Peter and she was told same.

She then called Bob at the spot on phone.

Bob’s mum: Hello Bob, how are you my son?

Bob: I’m fine mum, how are you too.

Bob’s mum: I’m fine my dear. How is school and studies,hope you are coping.

Bob: Yes mum,  I’m doing my best to make you proud.

Bob’s mum:  That’s my boy. So where are you?

Bob: Mum I just returned from the library to the hostel, I’m about to prepare something to eat.

Bob’s mother: That’s nice my son. I came to surprise you with some foodstuffs so come out and meet me at your entrance, I’m right at your door in the hostel dear.

Bob: Eeerr  Eeerr, mum can you leave it behind for the security, I actually want to buy some tomatoes and onions for my stew.

Bob’s mother: Don’t worry my son,  I’ll wait for you at the entrance OK. Just hurry with the buying and come.

Bob: Mum..  I.. I….

Bob’s mother: Bob, why are you telling lies to me?  Since when did you start it. Where are you, Bob?

I entered your room and everything in your corner shows clearly that you have not been there for a long time. Don’t lie to me, where are you?  I want to see you and know where you live before I leave else I’m not leaving this compound.

Bob: Mum,  I’m sorry but I’m currently out of town, can you take lead home, I’ll come to you tomorrow. Please.

Bob’s mother: Did you hear what I said? I said I’m not moving an inch until you come and meet me at the hostel where I paid for you to sleep.

Bob: Mum, let me….

Bob’s mother: Bob!  I’m hanging up, don’t call me till you are here else forget you have a mother.

(she ends the call)

Bob told Ms. Lora about his mum’s presence and how angry she was so they had to leave immediately.

Bob drove Ms. Lora to her house junction and boarded a taxi to the campus to meet his mother.

When he got closer to his mum, she looked at her son’s appearance and gave him a heavy slap in the midst of all the students around.

His mother spoke her heart out very furiously and demanded to know where Bob was staying or she will visit the vice chancellor and make sure Bob is dismissed from the University.

Bob had no choice than to take his mum to his new place. When they got there, his mother demanded to see the landlord and cautioned him to lock Bobs room and make sure he doesn’t entertain Bob in his house again else she will involve the police.

She entered the room and scattered everywhere then she threw Bob’s bags out and ordered him to pick them up so they go to the campus.

Bob did as ordered by his mother. They got to the hostel and his mother arranged his corner for him, prepared tomatoes stew and rice, then also prepared groundnut soup for him and cautioned Bob before she left.

When she was about leaving, she sat Bob down and said.

Bob’s mum: Bob, I don’t hate you in any way. You are my son,  the only son among your two younger sisters. Look at the way I’m suffering to the farm just to take care of you at the University. Your sisters are not strong enough to help me with the farm work as you used to when you were home. Look at what I’ve been going through since your father died through an accident. Do you think you will make any better impact on the kind of life you are living here on campus? Since when did you join the bad company?  What happened to the advice I gave you when you were coming to school?

Bob don’t disgrace me at all and equally make your father proud in his grave. Take your Bible seriously, pray every day, and face your studies, my son. God loves you and I love you too. I’m leaving, take good care of yourself, and make sure you don’t repeat what I came to meet again. Goodbye, dear.

*Written By: Raynolds Agbenyenu*

*(+233246449595)* / SOKY TV / Ghana

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