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Weeks later, Peter had a call from the grand master reminding him of his final year sacrifice. He was told not to miss the week's meeting for the meeting...

Weeks later, Peter had a call from the grand master reminding him of his final year sacrifice. He was told not to miss the week’s meeting for the meeting shall decide which gender he will offer.

Peter wasn’t surprised anyway but the headache was how he was going to do his operation in peace.

Peter had 21days to present his sacrificial being. After the meeting that night, Peter was told to bring a male.

Bob on the other hand was this time too concerned about Shallot that he hardly even heard from Ms. Lora.

Ms. Lora’s friend started her own sacred mission and the last day, she had to present a human tongue.

She told Ms. Lora about it and therefore told her to prepare since she will embark on hers no sooner. Ms.Lora’s friend then hired some killers to get her the human tongue. The mission was a two weeks mission she was embarking on.

The 10th day, the killers requested double of the amount they charged to cut the human tongue for  the woman. She wasn’t in agreement with them because they earlier agreed on an amount before they accepted to do the job.

The killers were requesting for the additional amount because there was a better offer from someone who was willing to pay thrice the amount the woman wanted to pay them for similar operation.

The killers were actually some other occult group members whose main purpose is to kill and sell the human parts,  or kidnap and sell.

Bob’s mother had a bad dream about her son one day and went on her knees to pray and cancel it. She told Bob about it and asked him to pray but as a young guy,  he thought it’s one of those scary things mothers say when the want to be over protective. So he took it for granted.

Shallot’s grand mother had similar dream and told Shallot to be careful. Shallot did pray over it once and stopped.

Ms. Lora’s friend stroke a deal with the killers that she will add to the agreed amount but can’t pay the double as requested. She further promised them that her friend will soon embark on hers as well so that contract still awaits them.

The killers agreed to do the job.

One Friday night, Bob and  Shallot had finished studying and Bob was going to see Shallot off so he returns to his hostel. On their way, under a mango tree four guys dropped from the tree just when they got there. They sprayed a substance into their faces immediately and they went unconscious. They then covered their heads with thick clothes and carried them into a pick up and drove off.

The killers called both customers and informed them about the successful operation.

Peter sent them a liquid to spread on the victim so he can’t be used by any other person for any sacrifice.

Ms. Lora’s friend also gave the killers a powder to bathe the victim with before she comes to see the victim.

Bob and Shallot’s disappearance wasn’t so strange because they usually disappear together like that.

Ms. Lora’s friend went in 3 days time to see the victim. When she got there, to here surprise it was Bob’s girlfriend who snatched her friend’s sugar boy.

She left there and drove straight to Ms. Lora to tell her about it. They were both excited that Shallot was the victim.

Ms. Lora then tried reaching Bob but he wasn’t picking up.

The killers however did not put both victims together because they were for two different people, so Ms. Lora’s friend did not know that Bob was also in the same custody.

Two days later,  Peter also ordered his victim be brought to him at night. Bob was made unconscious and sent to Peter to be sent for the sacrifice.

When they sent the victim to Peter, he was shocked to realize the victim was Bob. Peter jumped back in shock after seeing it was Bob.

He couldn’t do anything about it again because the concoction had already been spread on Bob which means he was the only person to be used for the sacrifice at the moment.

Peter called the grand master to do something about it for him but he said there was nothing they could do about it,  and if he is released Peter will die.

The following day, Peter’s mother went for a morning devotion in her church and the pastor told her to prepare so they go visit her son immediately because he smells evil around her son.

She quickly went home and prepared then they left.

The whole day they couldn’t find Bob on the campus. That was when they blew the alarm that Bob could have been kidnapped. Then a few students confirmed that he has been missing on campus for the past week with shallot.

Quickly the police was informed and investigation began.

This time the police commander refused any money from anyone and did a perfect job. They traced the culprits and arrested one. But during interrogation Peter decided to hand over Bob for the sacrifice before they find out.

That night, Bob’s mother and Pastor lodged in a hotel and were praying seriously.

At the meeting where Bob was about being Sacrificed, the grand master did all he could but he couldn’t hold his knife. The knife was so hot as though it was burning. The sacrifice time passed and Bob regained consciousness. No chant worked for the occult members there.

Immediately the grand master disappeared and and the members fled. But Peter immediately ran mad at the spot.

Bob stood up and run into the bush looking for his way home.

The arrested culprit also mentioned the other accomplices and they were also arrested. Shallot was also released that day.

Bob got to the campus in search for Shallot and he met his mum and the pastor. Right there, Shallot was brought to the campus by the police.

The killers mentioned who hired them and she was also arrested.

Ms. Lora tried all she could to rescue her friend but she couldn’t. She was later busted by the immigration at the boarder when she was sending her human tongue after she got hers.

Bob and Shallot faced their education and graduated in peace.

Two years later, they got married, at the wedding a lady came and threw a 3 years old boy at Bob in the Church and left.

The wedding still went on and the issue later solved by both families.

Shallot was newly married and couldn’t divorce for what happened at the wedding so she asked Bob to give the boy to his mum so they can make a new family. Bob’s mum went for the boy and left the couple to enjoy their marriage.

*The End*

*Written By: Raynolds Agbenyenu*

*(+233246449595)* / SOKY TV / Ghana

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