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WHATSAPP NOVEL: Death Mate Episode 1

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Bob and Peter were mates back in JHS. They both attended the same SHS and landed in the same University. Bob was being taken care of by his mum, his dad...


Bob and Peter were mates back in JHS.

They both attended the same SHS and landed in the same University.

Their friendship was so close that there was no secret they never shared.

Bob was being taken care of by his mum, his dad was late. While Peter depended on Student Loan.

These guys were academically inclined and never joked with their books. But when they got to tertiary they realised that their first semester results were very poor. They new themselves too well that they didn’t deserve those GPA’s but they were from poor homes, they couldn’t request for a remark.

Same thing repeated itself in the 2nd semester and they still did not understand. They then spoke to a friend in level 300 whom they usually met at the library anytime they go to study.

They told him what they were facing and asked how they should go about it.

Bob: Bro, sorry to disturb you, but we need a clarification on something that is bothering our minds.
For the past two semesters, we studied so hard to write out end of semester exams. But anytime the results are released, the grades are not deserving. We want to know if there is anything we can do to better our grades next time. Since you have been here for a while.

The guy(Kofi) stared at them and smiled. He then began speaking.

Kofi: well, one thing you need to know is this, a degree is awarded not earned. A lot goes into it to give you a better certificate. There are three major things you need to do aside studying, to be awarded a better degree.

  1. Respect all lecturers in all endeavors.
  2. Do not be close to any lady or group of ladies on campus. This one is very important and you must take note.
  3. Visit some lecturers with gifts and and envelop when you resume to school.

If you can’t do the third one because you don’t have money just like me, then you play a double role by doing assignments for the big men in the class and build a good relationship with them, they can even get exams questions sometimes and give you to study or teach them.
These are the only ways you can make a better grade in tertiary aside the frequent studies. So anytime you see me here, I’m doing assignments for people and that’s where sometimes I even get money to feed myself when I’m broke. I come from a very poor home.

Bob and Peter nodded their heads for about 1 minute and thanked him for the advice. They then asked him if he can point out the lecturers they should visit, which he did.

Bob and Peter were very close friends to a group of 7 ladies who also hailed from the same SHS to the same University. They had tips from them and mostly visited them in their hostels to eat. The ladies were staying in private hostels outside the campus while Peter and Bob were in the University hostel.

They listened to Kofi’s advice so the next semester they saw a little change in their GPA but was still not encouraging. But the ladies they used to teach during exams period had better grades. They then understood what Kofi told them.
They had a mate who was using a car and lived bossy on campus. They tried to get closer so they can do his assignments for him since they realised he barely came to class.

They started doing the assignments for the guy and got closer to him until one day he invited them to his rented apartment.

Bob and Peter were shocked at what they saw in his room. Everything in the room seem like heaven to them. The room was chilled with AC, a very big plasma TV on the wall with a PES 4 connected to it.

The whole room was just amazing. They saw different types of sneakers they only saw pictures of but never saw in reality before, they saw a phone that they always argued about but never held before and a whole lot.
They were really amazed and they portrayed it to the guy. (Sadiq)

They really enjoyed themselves that day in the house. They ate, played video games which they used to pay for in their village. They watched movies that they saw only trailers on YouTube but couldn’t assess because they didn’t have Netflix account and a whole lot of fun that faithful day.

Sadiq slept off as they had fun. It was late in the night so they decided to wake him up and inform him they were leaving.
Sadiq woke up and drove them back to the hostel. They were so happy.

Written By: Raynolds Agbenyenu

(0246449595) / SOKY TV / Ghana

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