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WHATSAPP NOVEL: Quarantine Dairies 3

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(Dad calls a friend at work and tells him about what is going on in his house, making the lockdown a hell for him.) Dad: Babe, about Tilly, I'll be going...
Quarantine Dairies 2

Quarantine Dairies 2

(Dad calls a friend at work and tells him about what is going on in his house,  making the lockdown a hell for him.)

Later in the day 

Dad: Babe, about Tilly, I’ll be going to get some foodstuffs for the remaining days of our stay at home so I’ll take her along to the mall kk. 

Wife: okay babe, you should be cautious about the security personnel. 

Dad: Okay baby. 

(At the mall, Tilly saw a young boy of her age and they run to each other.)

Dad: Tilly!  Don’t touch him!  

Tilly: I know him dad. 

Dad: where do you know him from,  your classmate? 

Tilly: No dad, he has been coming with the uncle to the house sometimes when you go to work so we have been playing together. 

Dad: Hello madam, is that your son? 

Woman: Yes please, how come your daughter knows him?? 

Dad: I think you should ask your son.

Woman: Mike,  where do u know the girl. 

Mike: Dad said I shouldn’t say it. 

Woman: Dad said you shouldn’t say what?  Tell me, dear, I’ll buy you ice cream and anything you want at the mall today. 

Dad: Yes,  I’ll buy you a nice parcel if you tell mum what dad said you shouldn’t say OK. ( Dad orders a container of ice cream for the kids) 

Woman: Now tell me, Mike,  what did dad say you shouldn’t say. 

Mike: Mum,  promise me you won’t tell daddy about it. 

Woman: I promise you, dear. Dad will never hear this. 

Mike: When dad takes me that we should go to the mall, we go to Tilly’s house to visit her mother before we come home. 

Woman: Is that all? 

Mike: And he said if I don’t tell you he will always buy me chocolate when I am going to school. And he promised to buy me a bicycle. That’s why he bought me the bicycle we brought the other day. 

Woman: Do you know Tilly’s mother’s name? 

Mike: No mum. 

Woman : (Angrily asks) Mr. is that your wife my son is talking about??!!

Dad: Hmmm, madam,  calm down OK. We are not at a conducive place to have this conversation, if you don’t mind let’s exchange contacts and talk about this proper since we can’t meet anywhere because of the lockdown OK. Please calm down. I understand how you feel, I’m going through the same thing. 

Woman: This is why my husband has taken his attention off me all this while and he refused me having any kind of conversation with my own son. We had to leave the house without his notice while he was asleep to come to the mall. 

Dad: don’t worry let’s exchange contacts and deal with this I’m a more appropriate manner madam. (Dad and Woman exchange contacts) One more thing, promise me you won’t ask your husband anything about it till we get to the bottom of it. 

Woman: sighs…  you have my word. Anyway, I don’t know ur name, sorry for my actions I was tempered, I’m Mina what about you. I’m Bill, says, Dad.

Watch out for Episode 4…..

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