May 8, 2021


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Senyo Hosi, family donate to 37 Military Hospital to help fight against coronavirus

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Economic and Policy Analyst, Senyo Hosi, his wife Gloria Hosi and their entire family have donated to the 37 Military Hospital.

Economic and Policy Analyst, Senyo Hosi, his wife Gloria Hosi and their entire family have donated to the 37 Military Hospital.

Mr Hosi on Monday presented a cheque of ¢20,000 to the Commanding Officer of the 37 Military Hospital Brig-Gen. Nii Adjah Obodai. 

He said the amount will cover the cost of 35,000 surgical masks and 10,000 gloves to aid the hospital’s efforts in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

“We are aiming to support the hospital with PPEs because you’re the first-line responders in this entire war. You’re actually now the pawn in the entire chess game,” he said.

“Every single life of every officer, the front liners, is \ life that can actually save a thousand. So should we actually any of you thousands would actually be lost.

“So you’re the ones that this country must protect the most. You are the heroes of our time. You are the heroes going into this war and we need you to be well resourced,” he added.

Senyo Hosi also called on all Ghanaians to help in the fight against coronavirus to support the government’s effort.

“I think that it’s time for us to ignore what we think the government should be doing and not doing, what a citizen should be doing and not doing and rather ask of ourselves what as Ghanaians we can do for our country in the midst d this entire war.”

Brig-Gen. Nii Adjah Obodai expressed his appreciation to Mr Hosi and his family and urged all Ghanaians to help in any way they can.

“We take this as a very great step. We are so encouraged because this empowers us; this is like giving us fuel to keep running. So we appreciate that so much and like you said it’s about time we all lend our hands to it.

“We are in it together.  And we’re asking that anybody else who’s ready why not put your shoulder to the wheel, throw your coin in, let’s get it together so together we’ll stand and win this war,” he said. / SOKY TV 


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