December 9, 2022

Concern Ghana Nurses and Midwives Trainees Association has sent a strong warning to the government led by HE. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo – Addo to pay them their training allowances as they were promised during the New Patriotic Party’s campaign tour in 2016 when they needed power.

In a press Statement issued by the executives of the association on 
2nd October 2018, they made it clear that the president should tell them if the government can no more pay the allowances as they promised.

“It’s of great sorrow and concern to all nursing trainees as we continue to suffer in the various schools as to whether the government has forgotten that they won the election based on their promises made to nurses trainees” they stated.

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*Eiiiii …Aabaaaah* Mr.President, Ministry of Health, Health Training Institution Secretariat; “Nursing Trainees are suffering”.

It’s of great sorrow and concern to all nursing trainees as we continue to suffer in the various schools as to whether the government:

1: Has forgotten that they won the election based on their promises made to nurses trainees

2: Has no ears to hear our cry

3: Has no heart to feel the pains and suffering we are going through

4: Has no money to pay us our Allowance but can pay more than 1000 staffs at Jubilee house and over 110 Ministers

5: Or government has no eyes to look into our faces and tell us ” Trainees” that, you voted for me on the basis of allowances but I will not pay you what I promised you.  That would put Ghanaians in the known that there is no more allowances for Trainee Nurses.

This will make parents and guardians tighten up their belts well to help their wards to successfully complete their course on the note that there are no allowances.

It is with great sorrow that we inform the general public that the Akuffo Addo-led Government has failed to pay Nursing Trainees our allowances as promised for some months now.

Nursing Trainees are currently suffering and enduring extreme economic hardship due to the hyper-inflated school fees. 

It is sad and disappointing that the government which won the 2016 election on the back of the promise to restore the Nursing Trainees allowance regime and to give Nursing Trainees their due, has turned a blind eye to our plight. 

We do appreciate the government’s restoration of the allowance regime and the allowances paid to us last year and beginning of this year. However, the long delay in the payment of subsequent allowance has brought untold hardship on us.

Our parents and guardians who used to support our education have refused to do so due to the notion and public perception that our allowance has been restored. 

The worse of it all is that we still have some nursing trainees who till date, have never received a dime since the restoration of the Nursing Trainees allowance regime last year. 

Sadly, we have not received any explanations from the national GNMTA and the Ministry of Health on why there’s undue delay and when exactly they intend to pay the affected students. 

It’s our fervent hope and prayer that, His  Excellency the President, the Ministry of Health and the Health Training Institution Secretariat as well as the national GNMTA will take immediate steps to address this sad and dilapidating situation that nursing trainees are currently confronted with. 

We demand that urgent steps are taken by the government to pay Nursing Trainees their April, May  June and September 2018 allowances as well as pay the allowances of students who have not yet received any allowance since the restoration of the allowances regime, so as to our plight.  

JAPIONG MALONIN (Convenor)0506059204
IMORO  OSMAN(Convenor)020 669 9680

By: Oheneba Kwabenah Yeboah /

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