April 12, 2021


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Sefwi Bibiani Chief Urges Youth To Work For Peace.

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The Chief of Bibiani Nana Ngoa Anyimah Kodom II has entreated the youth to champion the cause

The Chief of Bibiani Nana Ngoa Anyimah Kodom II has entreated the youth to champion the cause for peace and tolerance before, during and after the elections.

He also entreated Ghanaians, political party leaders, agents and members of political parties to desist from activities that will incite violence in the general elections.

Those activities include insulting opponents and destroying their party banners and posters; removing opponents’ posters and flags; use of provocative language against opponents during rallies and meetings; transporting people to opponent camps to destroy their items and multiple voting, among other activities that would hamper peaceful elections in December.

Speaking with the press at his press conference on “Yes for Peace: Role of the Youth in peaceful Election 2020” project.

The “Yes for Peace” project seeks to engage youth leaders across the country to inculcate into their minds the necessity of responsibly leading their fellow youth through a peaceful and serene election season.

And also sought to sensitise the youth to understand that violence would only destroy their future and the future of their friends if they allowed themselves to be used as agents of destruction in the election season.

“At the press conference on the topic: “The importance of Voting in National Elections”, Nana Ngoa observed that the youth needed to live up to their civic rights and responsibilities to ensure peace in the elections.

“You should know that while laying strong claims to your rights and freedoms, you should allow others to enjoy their rights and freedoms without any hindrance. It would be morally and legally wrong to intimidate anybody from exercising his or her franchise,” he opined.

In addition, Nana Ngoa discouraged the use of violence, pressure, fear and intimidation as political tools to struggle for power, recommending that the best form of politicking was the one that addressed issues such as education, health and agriculture through dispassionate, critical and objective analysis of facts and figures.

Furthermore, Nana Ngoa Kodom continues advised the youth to stay out of trouble and conduct themselves peacefully at all polling stations.

He indicated that human emotions, desires and expectations were involved in elections. Due to that, every election situation would become  volatile unless caution, circumspection and tolerance were exercised.

Nana Ngoa, therefore, urged all citizens especially his peoples, thus; Bibiani and the entire Western North Region to exercise tolerance in their homes, workplaces, churches (in general social interactions) and in the election period so that Ghana would go through its democratic process of election peacefully.

Call For Further Clarification.
Nana Ngoa Anyimah Kodom II.

By: Nana Nyarko


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