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Dilapidated, school structure affecting teaching, learning in Bimbilla

BySamuel Yeboah

Oct 3, 2018

Dilapidated structures, coupled with the lack of space, is affecting quality education at the Presbyterian Experimental Primary School at Bimbilla in the Nanumba North municipality in the Northern Region.

As a result, some of the pupils are compelled to sit in makeshift structures, under trees, on stones and benches for lessons.

Work has also stalled on a three-unit classroom block being constructed by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the school due to lack of funds.


With a population of 1,018 pupils, the school that was established in 2004 has not undergone any facelift.

A large number of dual desks for the pupils have broken down and left unattended on the school’s compound.

The structures are not only unfit for classrooms but are also woefully inadequate, a situation which has compelled authorities of the school to jam-pack pupils into available structures.

According to the Headteacher of the school, Mr Husein Mohammed Saani, the situation was seriously affecting teaching and learning.

“It is worrying because the pupils are exposed to the harsh weather conditions.

I have written to the assembly and reminded them several times but nothing has been done about it.

Any time you approach them they talk about security issues,” he stated.

Mr Saani said their situation was compounded during the rainy season.

Anytime it rained, pupils who sat under trees and in the dilapidated structures for their lessons had to struggle for any shelter nearby.

“Those who sit under trees are also exposed to reptiles and motorists who ply through the school compound,” he added.


Mr Saani, therefore, made an appeal to the assembly and other benevolent organisations for support to save the pupils from being exposed to the harsh weather conditions in the area.


When contacted, the Nanumba North Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Abdulai Yaqoub, said the assembly was working towards constructing decent classrooms for the school, “in the interim, we intend to distribute some dual desks to the school”.

Source: GraphicOnline

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