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The Head Mistress of Ngleshie Amanfrom Community ‘2’ primary school in the Ga South Municipal Assembly of the Greater Accra region, Mrs Georgina Asare-Koranteng has stated that Public basic schools in Ghana are still the foundation for nation building.

Delivering an address at the 2nd edition of a joint graduation, speech and prize giving day by Ngleshie Amanfrom M/A ‘2’ and Community ‘2’ primary schools held on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the school’s assembly ground on the theme; “Lifting up the image of public basic schools”, Mrs Asare Kronteng said, public schools over the years have played a major role in Ghana’s education system, tracing its history from the time of the missionaries to the merchants, to the various governments of which most of our leaders today, benefited from public schools.

“Public basic schools were the only means for people to be educated from the basic level and students graduating from the public school were the best.

However, as the years pass by, public basic schools have been tagged ‘sayito schools’ and a place of choice for the poor since most of the public basic schools lack infrastructures and various facilities.

Despite the fact that government is making all efforts to make education free, people are still redrawing their children from public schools because communities are leaving every responsibility into the hands of the government and parents are also leaving every responsibility into the hands of teachers.

But interestingly, these same children who are not regarded in the public basic schools compete strongly with the others in secondary and tertiary schools.

I am here today to draw the attention of everyone that, public basic schools are still the foundation for nation building and we can all make a change by putting our heads together to lift up the lost image of public schools” she said.

On her part, Mrs Angela Attoh, who happens to be the one in charge of school health education program in the Ga south municipal assembly, speaking on behalf of the municipal education director, Mrs Felicia Agyeibea Okai, as the special guest of honor, said the development of every nation depends on quality education delivery but improving education system in public schools is not an easy task.


“In other to provide quality education, all stakeholders should put their hands together to support government’s efforts and policies concerning education,” she said.

According to her, the government must engage qualified head teachers who possess the quality knowledge, skills, attitude as well as managerial competence.

She also said the government must help provide a conducive atmosphere for achieving the expected goals of education.

Mrs Attoh stressed that the government must provide the various schools with well motivated trained teachers, textbooks, exercise books, syllabus and other instructional materials.

Advising the teachers, she said they should make sure they use the right method in teaching the children and should desist from drinking and smoking both in and outside the school.

She then advised parents to also help their children in their home works, ask of what they learnt in school, and not to get the children stressed up but rather encourage them to relax during weekends.

She also told parents to watch news broadcasting with their children and restrict them from watching ‘useless’ programs on television.

Finally, she advised the children to take their studies very serious because their parents, teachers and the nation as a whole are investing much into them as the future leaders of the nation.

Icing the cake, the former assembly member of Ngleshie Amanfrom, Mr Zachariah Mohammed advised parents to make it a habit to visit their wards frequently in school.

Crowning the ceremony, 49 students from M/A ‘2’ and 55 from Community ‘2’, making a total of 104 students were graduated from primary to JHS under the administration of Mr Samuel Amosah and Mrs Georgina Asare-Koranteng respectively and a lot of prizes were awarded to the students.

The audience were highly entertained by the students with choreography, drama, poetry recitals, cultural dance, modelling and many more.

A very excited and impressed parent speaking to Soky News’ Oheneba Kwabenah Yeboah thanked the teachers for such a great program which is not normally seen in public schools.

He encouraged the teachers to keep on doing the good thing they are doing by always setting the pace for other schools to follow.


By Oheneba Kwabenah Yeboah/Sokynewsgh.com/Ghana



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