Dr Yaw Adusi-Poku, Programme Manager for the National TB Control Programme says Tuberculosis has the ability to severely damage the fallopian tubes, if not treated at the initial stage.

This according to him It can further lead to serious health complications and also result in infertility,which usually results from the inflammation resulting in distortion of the normal anatomy.

Speaking at a media workshop in Accra on Wednesday November 10,2021,Dr Adusi-Poku said TB usually considered restricted to a person’s pulmonary system, if left undiagnosed, can spread to other body parts,including the brain,Kidney,and the pelvic areas.

He added that Tuberculosis is not a hereditary nor a spiritual affliction and can affect anyone though curable.

Dr Adusi-Poku seized the opportunity to advise Ghanaians especially the stop too much of alcohol,cigarette and snuff because they can get TB easily.

Emmanuel Owusu,acting General secretary of Stop TB Partnership Ghana, called on Ghanaians to use same energy in fighting Covid-19 to that of the same as TB.

To himHe,although global attention is now dominated by COVID-19, Tuberculosis remains formidable in Sub-saharan Africa with Ghana no exception.

“We at Stop TB partnership Ghana, believe Ghana can become TB free country when we all get involved”he opined.

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