May 8, 2021


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Churches have been admonished to preach the essence of the celebration of Easter to their congregation by continually reminding them of the death, burial, ressurection and ascension of Jesus Christ, rather than organizing trips for them during the period.

The admonishing was given by the General Overseer of Hope Generation Ministry International Prophet Eric Nana Akwasi Amponsah popularly known as Computerman in an interview with the media today as Christians commemorate this year’s Easter celebration.

According to him, Christians are gradually losing sight of the true essence of Easter because the Churches have failed to remind their congregation, miscontruing the period to be a moment of merry making.

Prophet Computerman said , this perception by the modern day church has allowed the world to sway Christians as they engage in all manner of social activities that goes contrary to the principles of the Bible, instead of the Church swaying the world into its fold.

Congregation of Hope Generation Ministry International

The Clergyman blamed the situation on the passions of the world, describing the development as signs of the end time.

He has therefore advised churches that organize beach parties and trips for their congregation during the period of Easter to desist from the practice, as according to him, it defeats the true essence and meaning of the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ to save humankind.

Congregation of Hope Generation Ministry International

churches should also use the occasion to reach to the less previledged in society, such as orphans, widows and the needy and show love to them, as Christ did by dying on the cross for the sins of the world, he stated.

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Story by Opanyin Darko

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