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BySamuel Yeboah

Feb 13, 2019

A young man by name Kwabena Bismark has allegedly raped a 23 year old banana seller at the Agona Fawomanye community cemetery in the Agona east  District in the central Region leaving her bleeding.

An eye witness, Mr. Kofi Binny who is also a unit committee member in the community told Soky News’ Mireku Nyampong that, they heard a scream for help in the cemetery on their  way from the farm and upon reaching the scene, they saw Bismark  having sex with this innocent poor lady who’s name has been withheld.

According Mr. Binny, it was revealed in their interaction with the innocent banana seller that, Bismark told her to follow him to the bush where he and his friends were working as by – day workers so they can buy some of her bananas. When they got to the cemetery, he forced to have sex with her and threatened to kill her if she resisted.

Mr Binny said they quickly dragged the young man to the Agona Konyako police station for further investigation as the law demands.

Meanwhile, the chief and elders of Agona Fawomanye has also demanded three(3) sheep and six(6) bottles of schnapp to consecrate the community and the family of the suspect by performing some rituals in the forest and cemetery.

Nana sekyi Ansah (IV), chief of Agona Fawomanye told Soky News’ Mireku Nyampong that, this is not the first time Kwabena Bismark has attempted to commit such a crime and  they will make sure he faces the law.

Finally Nana sekyi Ansah (IV) said Nananom of Fawomanye has met with the family of the suspect to provide the items mentioned earlier to perform the rituals at the cemetery and the forest so they can have peace as a family and if they refuse, the community and family will face serious calamities.

Nana sekyi Ansah (IV)

By: Mireku Nyampong / Sokynewsgh.com / Ghana

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