September 25, 2021


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Minister of Environment,Science, Technology and Innovation,Prof.Kwabena Frempong - Boateng has launched this year Africa Climate week at the Alisa Swiss Spirit Hotel.

Minister of Environment,Science, Technology and Innovation,Prof. Kwabena Frempong – Boateng has launched this year Africa Climate week at the Alisa Swiss Spirit Hotel.

The event which is slated on the 18th to 22nd of March 2019 is will be celebrated  by the Ministry of Environment,Science,Technology and Innovation,acting on the  Government of Ghana and the United Nations Climate Change Office,the World Bank and the Africa Development Bank(AfDB).

Speaking at the launch,the minister said the Africa Climate Week(ACW)will bring together wide range of public and private sectors actors across  Africa and the rest of the World.

“Climate Change is already happening in all over the World,Its effects are being felt in Ghana in the northern region of which the dry seasons are becoming increasingly intense and prolonged”.

According to him,climate change poses serious threats to the county’s development now and in future of which government is adopting ambitious multi – sectoral climate preserving plans as its contribution towards achievement of the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

He is of the view that hosting this year’s ACW will give Ghana the opportunity to highlight its efforts in fighting climate change and enhance the capacity to attract the needed investments into the county’s climate actions.

Prof. Kwabena Frempong Boateng added that there will also be series of technical discussions on the global efforts to deal with climate change impact and the outcome of the discussions are expected to inform upcoming climate summit  in September 2019,in New York as part of the UN General Assembly deliberations.

In conclusion the minister called on all Ghanaians to partner government to make this event a success.

By; Kwabena Darkwa/

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