December 9, 2022

Kumawood actress, Mercy Asiedu says they are ready to go to prison over nonpayment of taxes.

According to the actress, an attempt by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to take taxes from her and her colleagues in the movie industry is unfair and does not make any sense.

She was reacting to reports that she was accosted by some personnel from the Authority over the payment of tax.

Narrating what happened to Hitz FM’s Andy Dosty, she said officers from the GRA called her colleague actor Lilwin while they were on set, and informed them that they had to pay tax for every movie they shoot.

Incensed by the development, she said she told the GRA officials that they already pay for copyrights, therefore, they will not pay the tax.

She added that they should tell government to expand the Nsawam Prison because the actors and movie producers are willing to go to jail over the issue because they will not pay.

The Kumawood actress said a lot of them do not understand the law regarding payment of that tax and called on the Tourism, Arts and Culture minister, Catherine Afeku and related agencies, to educate them.

Mercy Asiedu disclosed that they have sent a petition to government to complain about the low or no income they are making from movies.

She said she is not making any money from the movies and series she currently produces because people are not buying.

The actress also lamented the non-existent theatres for them to show their movies forcing them to go to the cinemas who take 60 percent of their profits whenever they premiere their movies at these venues.

She suggested that government should appoint someone from the creative arts industry as Deputy Minister for the sector because such a person is better placed to handle their issues.

The actress said she had even advocated movie producer Socrate Sarfo be appointed as Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture.

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