March 2, 2024

Christiana Ofori  a petty trader at Opeikuma a suburb of Kasoa  in the Awutu Senya East District of the Central has been brutally raped and beaten by land guards but fortunately she survived to tell her story.

Narrating her ordeal to Soky News’ Evans Darko ,the petty trader explained that on the 10th of August 2018,a group of land guards come to Opeikuma where she lives to sell a piece of land  which is a also  a foot path and a road to a prospective buyer.

According to the woman she questioned the land guard over the purported sale of  land by these thugs to their prospective client.

The move did not go down well with these land guards who accused the woman of being nosy and making them lose a prospective buyer.
They threatened to deal with me she added.

A  week later  these land guards came to lay ambush in Opeikuma in a  bid to kill this woman and show her a lesson.

According to Christiana Ofori  on that faithful day she was on her way to the market and she  met these land guards just close to her house.

They attacked her  and  engaged in an argument with her then one of them passed behind her slapped her held  her to the ground holding her neck.
“They started started squeezing the life out of me she narrated”.

“One of them started to remove my panties  and was punching me in the face at the same time  but I struggled with him till I become weak.

He  eventually took off my paints  and raped me as the rest of them watched as spectators the woman  lamented.

According to Christiana Ofori after  the land  guard  finished raping   her he still  continued to squeeze her neck to take the life out of her  and further  prevent her from telling  her story to the rest of the world but  in the process I fell  unconscious  she said.

After falling unconscious the land guard taught she was dead so they dumped her body at a nearby stream close to her house.

The woman added that few hours later she regain  consciousness but couldn’t move her legs so she had to crawl on  the floor to an open space  upon hearing the sound of his husband’s motor bike.

She was later taken to the Winneba government hospital and doctors confirmed that she had indeed been raped.

Christiana Ofori was however quick  to add that she was able to recognise one Mensah who who was part of these land guard from the onset of the whole issue adding that if  the Kasoa  Police is able to apprehend Mensah he would be able to show the where  abouts of the rapist land guard and all those involved in the crime.

“They never knew that I would be alive to tell my story,they taught I was dead but God saved me the woman added”.

For now the issue is before the Kasoa Divisional Police Command pending investigations into the matter.

By: Evans Darko /

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