October 21, 2021


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Asogli youth want Freddie Blay imprisoned for insulting Togbe Afede

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The National House of Chiefs is being asked to invoke its powers under the Chieftaincy Act to get the Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Freddie Blay convicted for insulting Togbe Afede XIV.

Freddie Blay was alleged to have suggested that Togbe Afede, who is the president of the National House of Chiefs, was drunk when he called for investigations into Mr Blay ’s purchase of 275 buses at the cost of $11.4 million.

The Asogli State Council has already condemned the comments by Mr Blay and demanded an apology from him.

But the Youth of Asogli who felt their chief has been badly denigrated want the National House of Chiefs to fine or imprison the NPP chairman.

Section 63 (C) of the Chieftaincy Act, 2008 (Act 759) states that any person who “knowingly uses disrespectful or insulting language or insults a chief by word or conduct…commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not more than two hundred penalty units or to a term of imprisonment of not more than three months or to both and in the case of a continuing offence to a further fine of not more than twenty-five penalty units for each day on which the offence continues.”

The youth group told the media, Mr Blay, who is a lawyer by profession, failed to be guided by the Chieftaincy Act.

“Sad”, and  “disgusted” by Mr Blay’s comment,  “We, therefore, call on the National House of Chiefs to invoke this constitutional provision in this regard to give meaning to the mantra of rule of law”.

The youth further assessed,  “We shudder to believe that Mr Blay implied that the overload of the Asogli State and President of the National House of Chiefs was drunk on palm wine and were not in his right frame of mind as he made the remarks on the issue bothering on corruption perception.”

They believe Mr Blay who has “little or nothing to show on his career” as a lawyer has a misplaced priority by purchasing buses with an amount that would have largely help solve the health crisis in Ghana.

The Asogli youth are also not happy that the NPP as a party has not commented on the “harsh” words used against their chief by its chairman.

“We can only conclude that this is part of their boardroom decision” which affirms our belief that Mr Blay actually spoke the minds of some NPP activists hence their silence on the issue.”

Bad-mannered Blay

“These incessant attacks on the overlord of the Asogli state by political actors can no longer be countenanced. As this is not the first time a top official of the party has made derogatory remarks about Togbe Afede.”

The group said, “We wish to remind Mr Blay that his better-half Mrs Gina Blay was recently enstooled as a queen of Taviefe Tradition Area which is a part of the Asogli Traditional Area of which Togbe Afede is the president. This bad-mannered behaviour of Mr Blay on the Chieftaincy Institution can be traced back to his matrimonial home.”

Source: 3News

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