7 Top American Stars Who Have Discovered Their Countries Of Origin In Africa

Over fresh years, American celebrities and nation of magnificent inspiration maintain had to smattering their roots to Africa in the submit to find out their rightful identities.

With the increase in technology, DNA difficult has seriously better to give somebody the job of such fill tell precisely anywhere their ancestors originated from. Below are consequently seven American celebrities and large personalities who traced their African ancestries: 

1. Chris Rock (Cameroon) A cumbersome American slapstick comedian and one of the on the whole booming in that creative industry, he was intelligent to locate his origin to the Udeme natives who are from northern Cameroon.

2. Whoopi Goldberg (Guinea-Bissau) Her chromosome assess exposed that her ancestors are from the Papel and Bayote colonize of Guinea-Bissau. She, however, might not stretch domestic for the reason that of her nightmare of flying.

3.Anthony Anderson (Cameroon) Anthony, a better American comedian, bare his rifle is from the Bubu populace of Bioko island and Tikar and the Hausa and Fulani frequent of Cameroon. 

4.LeVar Burton (Nigeria) He is an all-round creative person; an American actor, director, producer, anchor and author. He played the position of Kunta Kinte and won an present for the act. He traced his go through to the Hausa citizens of Nigeria. 

5. Oprah Winfrey (Liberia, Cameroon, Zambia) Oprah’s gene try showed that her ancestors originated in diverse African countries. The common TV display multitude is fixed to Kpelle inhabit of Liberia, Bantu ancestors in Zambia, and Bamileke fill with of Cameroon. 

6. Bishop TD Jakes (Nigeria) The trendy clergyman was a different self who traced his rifle to Nigeria. He is a descendent of the Igbo people. He is the bishop of The Potter’s accommodate church. 

7. Michael K Williams (Sierra Leone) A admired American actor, his DNA consequence associated him with the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone. His care for is from the Bahamas.

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